The Institution

The Institution of Rizarios Church School (Rizario Foundation) was founded in 1841 by brothers George and Manthos Rizari and is now one of the largest active National Legacies of our country.

The founders came from the village “Monodéndri”. They have emigrated from their childhood in Russia, where they created a colossal fortune by commercial enterprises which have provided entirely Greek nation, after the establishment of the independent Greek state.

Previously they have supported the secret organization for the preparation of the Greek revolution, called “ Filiki Etaireia” actively, and the struggle of the revolution with large amounts of money during the period 1814-1824. Manthos Rizaris especially was one of the first members of “Filiki Etaireia” and was known to the members with the password name "Eager".

In 1837 George Rizaris came to Athens and established his covenant, by which made the plans of the two brothers accomplished by establishing the homonymous Church School, which at the time, along with the University, the Academy and Arsakio, were the largest educational institutions of our country.

Today in Rizario Church School operates general ecclesiastical high school (A, B & C class). The School has remarkable educational staff, with a very positive contribution to the training of students. The graduates of the school have access to higher education.

The school is housed in a modern and a comfortable establishment in Halandri, in which a Boarding School is opperated. Students are provided with free meals, housing, education, and medical care. Applications for enrollment are accepted each year from June to September in secretarial services for the School.