which are attended by schoolgirls aged 14 and over. The duration of studies is two years, followed by practical training one year and provided the option for vocational rehabilitation. In the schoolgirls is paid monthly training allowance of 90 euro in the first year and 150 euro in the second year. In addition girls have the opportunity to be accommodated free at boarding school of the handicraft school. For those who do not wish to stay at a boarding school there is the possibility to move by School bus to and from Ioannina city.   

Weavings are manufactured with traditional looms exclusive by hand. The shuttle is driven by a mechanism that moved manually in combination with foot presses creating the handmade fabric.

The Needlepoint worked on the loom with the fingers, where are woven at the same time. 

Female students except from the main individual training courses also taught :

Thus, students gain a wider education that will be necessary to them for their careers but also for their personal lives.

Χειροτεχνική Σχολή Μονοδενδρίου


where are working regularly graduates from the School where ensured basic wage and insurance from IKA. For laborers who do not want to move to Monodéndrion, is given the ability to maintain a laboratory at their home getting raw materials and designs from the school, handing it to their manufactured products whose placing is undertaken by the Foundation through the available outlets


at the central point of the village, where they are exposed and sold handicrafts from the School. Guests except for the purchase of handicrafts, also have the opportunity to order according to their wishes. Operates daily from 9:00 a.m. to 16:00.p.m

The upper floor of the exhibition has the ability to host events and conferences presentations-capacity 100-120 people. There are seats conference, screen and microphones.


organized entire duration of the year for learning the art of weaving and carpet manufacturing. The aim of the seminars is to acquaint these arts, which tend to be eliminated, to people who are interested. The seminars take place both in Monodéndrion and Ioannina in a private area at Rizarios State.