Exhibition Center of Monodendri

The Rizarios Exhibition Center and assembled is located and operated in Monodéndrion Zagoria from the summer of 2000.

It is a modern center, which is housed in a fully renovated and landscaped Mansion Pantazis with has co-financed by the cross-border Interreg II Programme and the Foundation "Stavros S. Niarchos". The activities of this Centre are targeting both in Greece and in a Balkan area and the events which have hosted so far, are gradually evolving into a center of photographic heritage and tradition.

Mansion Pantazis, built around 1900 and is one of the most beautiful examples of the architecture of Zagoria.

It is common that in the imposing two-storey house with its elaborate stonework, the tall stone wall, the paved courtyards, ancillary areas downstairs and groundwater, as well as the infrastructure spacious with lots of windows on the second floor, has repealed role of the old Zagori "bed" and have maintained simpler carved ceilings and has preferred a colder interior style with white walls, light colors and some classicist elements.

Buildings similar to this architect exist in the most villages of West, Central and East Zagoria. Many of these buildings have suffered the ravages of time and the owners are now facing big problems because of the onerous maintenance.